Why Choose a Local Hairdressing Salon?

When choosing a hairdresser, you might be tempted to visit an inner-city salon.

But did you know that there can be many advantages to choosing a local hairdressing salon instead?

When you visit a local salon, you will enjoy benefits that you don’t get at the bigger salons in the city.

There’s the convenience, for starters, plus all the added advantages that come from dealing with a committed small business. And that’s just the beginning.

Of course, not all local salons are created equal. But there are quality ones out there, including In Vogue Hair Designers – your local Wishart hairdressers. This post outlines a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you choose a quality local salon like us...

Convenience for You

Choosing a local salon is almost always more convenient than visiting an inner-city hairdresser. Local salons are closer, more accessible, and almost always come with parking that is cheaper and easier to access. At In Vogue, for instance, we have plenty of free parking right outside our salon.

When it comes to price, you’ll often pay less at a local salon. This isn’t because your local hairdressers aren’t as good as those in the city. Instead, it’s all about location. Inner-city salons have to charge you more, because they’re leasing a more expensive site. Why pay for real estate? By choosing a local salon, you’ll be paying for hair styling and service, not footing the bill for an expensive lease.

Small Business = Big Benefits

You may not realise it, but there can be big benefits to dealing with a local business – benefits for you as a customer. Many small businesses have a greater client focus, and deliver superior customer service, when compared to larger businesses. That’s because small businesses are personal, they care more, and they don’t believe that clients are a dime a dozen. Instead, they value their clients.

Want an example? At In Vogue, we always strive to look after you. Our hairdressers regularly walk older clients to their cars, assist them with sitting and rising from chairs, and keep an eye on the other little details that will make their time with us enjoyable and comfortable. We also keep track of your appointments, so we can remind you when you’re due for another trim or colour. And, of course, we always offer you refreshments upon arrival. This level of customer care isn’t one you often see at a bigger salon.

Local Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

There’s a common misconception that local hair salons only do run-of-the-mill hairdressing, and that if you want something special, you need to go to the city. Salons like In Vogue challenge this cliché on a daily basis.

Our hairdressers are experts in their fields. When it comes to cutting and colouring, they consistently deliver the best and the boutique to people like you. We’re part of a new generation of local hair salons breaking the mould and proving that local doesn’t have to mean low quality.

In Vogue Hair Designers: Your Local Wishart Hairdressers

If you live in or around Wishart, then In Vogue Hair Designers is your local hair salon. We deliver all the benefits of a local salon to people like you... along with a few added extras.

At In Vogue, you’ll find professionals with a true love for their profession. How do you know we love hairdressing? See the smiles on our hairdressers’ faces, or watch them run their fingers through someone’s newly-styled hair. It’s only too obvious that they’re passionate about what they do!

Go Local Today

So go for it – go local today! Look for a quality hair salon near you, and give them a go! If you live in Wishart or nearby, then pay us a visit. We’d love to help you enjoy the best in boutique hairdressing in your local area.